Publishing & advertising services – from an idea to a product
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Publishing & advertising services – from an idea to a product

Products – printed materials

Professionally produced books and printouts attract attention and promote a favourable image of your business.

Your publications and the printed materials you use to advertise your business are of various types. We discuss them below in two broad classes: publications and advertising materials.


To publish means to make something publicly known. The term mostly refers to the distribution of text or images on paper, or to the placing of content on the Internet.

Publication means the act of publishing, and it also means any writing of which copies are published, and any website. Among publications are books, and periodicals, including magazines, scholarly journals, and newspapers.

Books and monographs

Publications of this group include mostly literary works of various genres, including collections and anthologies, but also scholarly publications like proceedings (of conferences, workshops, work meetings, professional congresses), textbooks, dictionaries, and monographs.

There is a vast difference in pritn runs between these two types of publications. Usually literary works are printed by thousands, while the scholarly publications can run up to a hundred, but rarely above a few hundred.

Magazines and bulletins

Magazines are periodicals most often dedicated to specific topics or distributed for the benefit of specific reader community. In recent years many magazines, the publication of which is not economically justified or is even impossible continue toexist as electronic editions. However, even magazines, published as electronic editions, need a few hardcopy printouts for special purposes, like public libraries, archives, a few special readers (e.g., printing in a larger font for people with impaired vision).

Bulletins are periodicals usually published quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily (e.g., during an event, like a seminar, a congress, a workshop, a competition, etc.).

Brochures and papers

Booklets or brochures are small volume books (usually bound as notevooks), often dedicated to a specific topic. Scholarly broshures often contain one or more linked papers or papers of a single author.

Reports, presentations, documentation

Project progress reports, project proposals, papers, white papers, printed presentation handouts, preprints, reprints, user or thechnical documentation.

Advertising materials

Advertising meterials are one- or two-sided printed sheets of paper or cardboard of various sizes, unfolded or folded in a specific way, mostly intended for free dissemination to the public with the purpose of promoting a specific company, trademark, project, election candidate, party, political campaign, etc.

Corporate presentations

An important variety of the advertising materials distributed for a company or a project are the corporate presentations, dedicated to making public information about the company or project, which tells about the goals and results of the companyproject, more often than not showing these in a positive light. Part of the positive suggestion of these materials is due to the design and the overall quality of the printed materials.

Leaflets, flyers, factsheets

Printed materials with no special binding, one- or two-sided printing, possibly with one or several folds. The topic of the leaflet can be the presentation of a company, a project, a product, or a service. It can also contain a fact sheet about anything.

Folders, stationary

Folder handouts with or without pockets, with or wothout promotional materials. Stationary are sheets with preprinted logo and additional information about the company or project. Envelopes can also bear preprinted logos and text. Envelopes can be personalised with the names of the addressees.

Badges, business cards, invitations, postcards, diplomas

Individual badges to be worn by participants during conferences, seminars, workshops, work meetings, professional congresses. Standard and non-standard sized business cards, one or two sided, black-and-white or coloured. Standard-sized business cards in Europe are usually 9 by 5 cm.

Personalised invitations for various festivities and meetings. Invitations can be as simple as oneside printed pieces of cardboard (standard size is A6 – one fourth of the standard A4 shhet – or about 10 by 15 cm). The same format is appropriate for printing of postcards or photos. Alternatively, the invitations can be of A5 size, folded into two – i.e., of folded size A6, portrait orientation. It is possible also to prepare the same folded size invitations, but with landscape orientation.

Posters and banners

Every mass event needs a few posters and/or banners for internal decoration, as well as to popularise the event and inform about the venie and dates.Standard sizes are 50 by 70 cm, 70 by 100 cm or even larger. Billboards are the limit.