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Navigation options in the "Zvezdi" site

There are four distinct types of menus on the pages of the "Zvezdi" site. Three of these are visible at all times on all the pages. These are, respectively, the top menu – on the uppermost line of the screen, the main menu – situated on top of and immediately adjacent to the central window, and the bottom menu – on the line below and immediately adjacent to the central window.

On all pages, the structure of which is more complex (i.e., contains sections and subsections) there is also another type of menu – the context-dependent one, which is shown in the leftmost column below the logo. Of course, the context-dependent menus are different on all respective pages. Selecting the links of the context-dependent menu moves the focus shown in the central window to the respective section or subsection within the same page. Additionally, the longer pages can be broused by using the vertical bar appearing to the right of the central text window.

Moreover, almost all pages contain banners, placed to the right and/or to the left of the central window. Following the respective links, if any, leads to information, which the company recommends you to see.

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