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Graphic design

Graphic design denotes a number of artistic and professional disciplines which focus on visual communication and presentation. In recent years, graphic design is part of digital content creation, and employs computers and specialised computer software.

Graphic design employs Various methods and techniques to create and combine symbols, images and/or text to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. A graphic designer may use typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce the visual communication. The term often refers to both the design process producing the final output, and the output of the design process.

Typical situations where one relies on graphic design include prepress work for magazines, books, advertisements and product packaging. Often these situations command the use of a logo and/or other artwork, organized text and design elements like shapes and color to be combined into a visual communication message. An important aspect of graphic design is the composition of the design elements into an unified while, especially when pre-existing or diverse elements are to appear in the outpit.

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